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SWFL Vertical Pulverizer

SWFL Vertical Pulverizer

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SWFL Vertical Pulverizer SWFL Vertical Pulverizer SWFL Vertical Pulverizer
Used for grinding and micro grinding such raw ingredients as wheat, maize, dehydrated fish, shrimp shells, defattened soybean, monosodium glutamate, sugar, medicines, dying material intermediates, ore, etc.

Modern design with compact vertical axis structure and compact structure.

An integrated grinding chamber and grading system allows simultaneous grinding and re-grinding.

Long wearable life achieved by alloy grinders/hammer heads and gear rings.

The grinding plates are effectively protected with the installation of the wearable board.

More stable machine operation with reduction in energy consumption as well as waste reduction, achieved through the optimized grading system.

Improved performance if use together with HET pulse dust collector and muffler, removing all impurities from the material before it enters the smashing chamber.


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